How can I easily find out the search keywords targeted by competitors?

Online Tools:
1) SpyFu Keyword Research Tools

2) SEMRush – service for competitors research, shows organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain

Manual Options:
1) You can also figure out Primary keyword they target by checking particular page’s title tag(and sometime meta description and keyword tags).

2) Explore their internal and external backlinks to find out anchor texts(as keywords) they’ve used to build links.

I hope this helps.

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  1. Spyfu is alright, but the data isn't accurate. It will give you an idea. You really need to just do your keyword research and focus on what applies to you and do it well. If you're looking for opportunities you may have missed, stay on top of google trends and did deeper into your keyword research and analytics. It's all there.

  2. You can use majesticseo for free, for several searches per day.

    If you check the whole domain you will be given the top 5 results which may be different if the website has links to a sub domain or the none www. version etc.

    Once you have the top five results you can screenshot them…like this…

    Then check them out…you will be amazed at how many decent links you can pick up like this. I found one site that was ranked no.1 for many highly competitive keywords and only had 4 links! I was able to gain 1 of the 4 and my site flew up the charts.

    Moz’s opensite explorer can do the same as majestic but tends to vary in the quality of its information so I won't go on further.

    Many free tools are just piggy backing on the results from Majestic, ahrefs or Moz.

    If you want to pay then the decent options are Ahrefs or Majesticseo. You don't need a back link report of 10,000 link though, nobody does. The most important links are listed on the top of the majesticseo free tool.


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