Is there a service that archives RSS feeds?

Check out, it is a cloud solution that captures everything online: RSS, websites, blogs, forums and social media.

PageFreezer captures changes on your website in real-time – so you won't miss any intra-day change – and is able to accurately replay and browse any archived RSS/website/blog/social media. It provides features to jump through time using a timeline or full-text search all archived data. PageFreezer archives online assets in a way that it complies with industry regulations (SEC, FINRA, FDA, SOX) and litigation requirements (FRE 901).

PageFreezer is currently in use by a broad range of Fortune 500 companies (Finance, Pharma, Food, Retail, Technology) and government agencies.

2 Replies to “Is there a service that archives RSS feeds?”

  1. All web-based feed readers archive RSS feeds on their servers.
    For example, Google Reader seems to start archiving feeds once a person subscribes to them. Also, Lazyfeed archives every web syndication feed out there and organizes them according to topics. Hope this helps.

  2. I use and recommend – they archive RSS feeds along with all the social media services including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more

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