What non-technical, creative positions are available at Pixar?

http://www.pixar.com/companyinfo… always has the current list of openings.  In general, the non-technical creative people tend to be in the story department (they can draw well, quickly), art department (everything in our movies has to be designed!), and editorial department (cutting's creative!). 

Within the various technical departments, there are also a number of people whose jobs are more creative/less-technical but still involve a small (and varying) bit of technical ability.  For example, matte painters, set dressers, shading technical directors (called surfacing at some studios), lighters, and camera & staging (layout) artists. 

Animation is also more of a creative department than a technical one, but there are some basic technical skills animators need to know, as 3D animation's a bit more technical than just drawing frame to frame!

There are also non-direct-production creative jobs such as in the marketing department.

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