How do you cite YouTube videos?

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Online Media (Online Video Clip, Blogs, Webcasts)
Author Last Name, First Name Middle Initial. (or Screen Name or Corporate Author). “PostingTitle.” Website Name. Website Publisher/Sponsor, Day Month Year Posted (if available). Medium of Publication. Day Month Year of Access.

Ex. TheKheinz. “JK Wedding Entrance Dance.” YouTube.YouTube, n.d. Online Video Clip. 02 Sep. 2009.
Note: Use screen name as author name when author name is not known. If both names are known, place the author’s name in
brackets (ex. Funnyman123 [John Smith]).

Which Facebook Like button converts the best?

The short answer is "it depends"  Usually the Facebook Like button is not the primary Call-to-Action (CTA) on a page and thus competes with other CTAs such as buttons, links and form-fills. On top of that, your website and audience is unique so what works best for someone else, will not necessarily work best for you.

Which is the best hosting site for starting a new blog?

I agree, it all depends on your goals and your skills. You can easily start something on, Posterous, Blogger or Tumblr with very little knowledge of blogging and see which platform you're most comfortable with. If you like blogging, then install a WordPress blog to take it to the next level. There's no point in setting up a custom site until you know if you're going to use it or not, and you can always migrate your contnet later.

What's a good place to buy tires for a performance car in San Francisco?

Sometimes selection isn't great at local places- for a WRX I would look at who can deliver the tires already mounted on rims directly to your doorstep.  With a decent floor jack you can swap the tires yourself in about half an hour if you're careful.  Alternately, Tire Rack can ship to most local tire vendors who will charge you a nominal fee to mount the wheels and tires.

Even though you didn't ask, I'd look at Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires, they are an M&S rated performance tire that work well in most conditions, including spirited driving in dry weather.  We have then on our Audi and the conditions were R-2 (chains or 4wd & m+s) and we were fine.

Why do I work so hard at work and not at school?

I think so often that people that feel this way are not self motivators. That is likely the case here. At work, you don't give yourself motivation, it's given to you in the form of a salary, raises, and praise from your boss.

School offers none of that. I worked my way through school tutoring other students in a wide variety of subjects. They were student athletes. It brought me a lot of satisfaction when they did well both athletically but also academically. Perhaps you just need to find a job similar to that.

How can I detect the location of memory leaks in Python source code?

Python is garbage-collected, and a memory leak in Python doesn't have the same impact a memory leak in C++ might. (Python used to have problems with certain circular references, but those were resolved several years ago)

There are a few popular modules that help profile memory usage Python code. There's a good StackOverflow discussion in these two links:……

You can use the tools mentioned there in conjunction with Python's debugger (PDB) to get a solid understanding of your code's memory usage.