Jewelry: Why should or shouldn't I get ear piercings?

The answer is very subjective to peoples’ specific background, culture, life style and fashion opinions.

Reasons why people do not pierce their ears:

  • Fear of pain, fear of needles and fear of being punctured – Pain is also a very subjective matter as people have different tolerance to pain.
  • Allergies to specific metals (nickel, lead)
  • Religious/culture background
  • Personal opinion about how ears should look.  Some people like having un-pierced lobes
  • Medical conditions such as keloids and/or possibility of infections
  • Lifestyle, people use earrings only seldom or for special occasions so they are okay wearing non-pierced options such as cuffs, clip earrings or  magnets.

Reasons why people pierce their ears:

  • Religious/culture background
  • Convenience. Some people like wearing earrings at all times (like small studs).  When pierced, earrings stay in place all the time specially during sleep and while swimming
  • More design choices. The jewelry community tends to cater to pierced ears with more choices (Disclaimer: as an Earring Designer my goal is to give non-pierced wearers lots more choices ;))
  • The common belief that non-pierced choices are not stylish (old looking or gaudy) and that they are painful – this is not the necessary the case anymore
  • Finally, sometimes it simply comes down to peer-pressure.

In the end, the answer is completely yours,  It's your ears, your beliefs and your life style.

What is the best way to clean and polish titanium jewelry?

Here is some excellent information from Titanium Processing Center on ways to polish titanium. Titanium Processing Center: Electrolytic Polishing , Titanium Processing Center: Polishing Titanium Metal
Here is a great graphic for polishing titanium Electrolytic Polishing | Titanium Processing Center
I hope this helps.

What type of jewelry is best with halter dresses?

A halter top is a type of sleeveless shirt. In another style of the halter top, there is only a narrow strap behind the neck and a narrow strap behind the middle of the back, so that it is mostly backless. So there are many options to wear jewelry on halter dresses. As you can wear earrings, bracelet , ring, which will go with your elegant dress and gives you an amazing look| This jewelry looks elegant with your dress.

What do people generally think of the jewelry industry?

I estimate that I attend 15+ trade shows per year that focus heavily on jewelry and I would say that the overwhelming majority of jewelry I see is what I would call generic, boring and downright ugly. That doesn't mean it doesn't sell – some of it sells like wildfire – but I still refuse to let it into my store. I look for unique designs, obviously handcrafted work, original ideas, organic shapes and jewelry with some meaning to it. I also avoid like the plague anything that smells of being "fashionable". If its hot now, in 10 minutes it will be cold. My customers are sophisticated enough to buy jewelry they like because they like it, not because they saw it on some famous actress' neck and felt they had to have the same thing. In fact, seeing a piece of jewelry I sell in a fashion spread in a magazine or in Bloomingdales is the kiss of death for me; I will never re-order that piece again.

Too much stock is put into who is wearing what; what ever happened to being unique, original, your own person? Jewelry should speak to who you are as an individual, should tell a story of its own which becomes part of your own story when you purchase it or receive it as a gift – which is why I always ask all our artists to supply us with artist's statements to go with their work. It explains the artist's ideas and history, how and why they created the piece and what it means to them. Somehow that seems an entirely different universe from the mass market glittery baubles at the Bloomingdales counter.

Hope that helps!

Why do some women wear rings that are clearly not wedding or engagement rings on their left ring fingers?

Perhaps what is or isn't a wedding or engagement ring is simply in the eye of the beholder? My wife has, on several occasions, been hit on/asked ou by guys who — when she drew their attention to her wedding ring — apologized, saying that it didn't look like a wedding ring. (The ring in question is neither overly large or garish.)

Of course, those guys could just have been lying to cover up the fact that they think it's OK to hit on married women …

How do I clean a nice watch?

A Rolex should be serviced, ideally by Rolex, every 5 years. If you have a gold bracelet, you should be on the look-out for stretched links that could be susceptible to wear and breakage. Also, older models have a plastic crystal that you want to make sure isn't scratched through and is still fitting well.

Here in San Francisco we are lucky to have the only US based factory service center. More expensive than having a local jeweler perform a service, but for the more complicated or older models, it's worth the price.

For regular daily cleaning, your cloth is perfect and Jay's method of using MAAS for dirtier items, is also a great suggestion:…

What is the best place to get gold jewelry repaired in New York City?

Okay, I'm sorry I don't know the best place; however, if you go into a jewelry store, be sure to have them give you a receipt for your jewelry that includes the following:
1.  a complete description of the piece including what metal it is made of, the weight, the length (if it's a necklace or bracelet), the type and size of gems or diamonds, and any other identifying characteristics (like if it's a diamond, have them draw a little schematic as to where the identifying characteristics, or flaws, are in the diamond – that way when you pick it up and inspect it under magnification, you can be sure the diamond wasn't switched while it was there)
2.  a value for insurance purposes (what if their store burns down or is robbed while it's there?)
3.  a time that they believe it will be completed. 
If they have a problem doing any of the above, turn around and walk out!  Hope that helps….

How does the cost of gold jewelry at a department store vary with the market price of gold?

I second Tom Tivol's answers.

Things are a little different in India.  Due to fluctuations in Gold price, jewelers in India are forced to price products based on Current day's Gold price. 

Gold is actively traded metal and its price vary every second.  But this level of change is not shown by the retailers.  Retailers fix the price once a day.

For eg., If cost of today price is X, then the cost of product will be X+Y.  Where Y includes other charges.

PS: I run a jewelry site from India ( Krizda Jewels | Buy Gold Jewellery Online India | Buy Gold Jewellery | and our pricing varies every day, based on market price of Gold.