How can I keep snails under control in my freshwater aquarium?

All of the suggestion so far are really good.
Using loaches to control (more like eradicate) snails is a good idea and provides you with the ability of observe the behavior of really fun fish.

Killing the snails by removal is certainly viable, but may take more effort than you like if you feel the need to do it every day.

How about this: Embrace the snail!
Treat this as a way to culture a new critter. Observe them in their own right. Get out a magnifying glass and watch as they feed on the glass. Make them a part of the family.

Now, if you have soft-tissue live plants and way too many snails, heartbreak will come when you find your prized Apotomogeton leafless when you get up one morning!

If this is a danger: then embrace the snail as fish food.

Harvest these snails as often as you are able, crush them and stick them into snack-size zip-lok bags, then pop them into the freezer.
When feeding your fish, break of some frozen "snail-meat" and feed to your fish from between your fingers, or grind the frozen snail up between your fingers as you drop it into the tank. Even small fish can eat this and it is quite nutritious. Your bottom-feeders will appreciate your placing some of the crushed snail directly on the bottom of the tank. It is a good for them as tubifex worms, but way less expensive.

How can you get rubber cement out of carpet?

If the area that is affected is large you are out of luck.  the solvent that dissolves Rubber cement also dissolves the glue that hold the carpet to the backing.  Try using a product called Citri-strip.  A citris based paint stripper that is gooey enough to not soak down to the roots of the fibers.  Using a shop vac to remove the messy goo with lots of water.

How can I configure my terminal on Mac OS X to keep SSH connections alive even when they are idle?

By default, SSH automatically disconnects inactive or idle connections after a certain interval.

The easiest (and arguably safest) method can be done through your SSH client. It requires neither root nor administrator access, and applies to all connections you make (rather than to a single server). Simply follow these steps (source):

  1. Navigate to etc/ssh/ssh-config if you’re setting it globally, or to ~/.ssh/config if you’re doing it on a per-user basis.
  2. If you’re modifying the former, enter ServerAliveInterval x into the config file. This will send a null packet to the server every x seconds.
  3. If you’re working with the latter, the process is a bit different – you’ll be instead entering

Host *
ServerAliveInterval X [make sure this line is indented with a single space]
That’s it. Your SSH client will now no longer idle out, no matter what server you’re connected to.

For more information, check out Want To Keep Your SSH Sessions Alive? Here’s How

How can one determine statistical significance using T-Test in Excel?

Let me assume you have correctly put the data into the Excel sheet and carried out the t-test procedure. You now have a calculated t value and you are uncertain what it means. Let’s suppose your calculated t value is 2.220.

First add the number of people in groups A and B, and subtract 1 from each. This is your degrees of freedom (df). Let’s say your groups were 12 and 14, so add 11+13 to give 24 df.

Find a table of t-values. Here’s one. Find your df (24) in the left column. Now begin with the two-tailed value at the top for 0.05. All statistical testing starts with 0.05. Move down and see the critical value for t. It is 2.064

Now- the moment of truth. Does the calculated t meet or exceed the critical t?

YES, 2.220 exceeds 2.064. So you can conclude that the two groups were different, and the amount of difference was UNLIKELY to occur by chance alone. In fact it was less than 5% likely to occur by chance alone. This is statistically significant at 0.05. So there is a good probability that the A and B groups were really different in their final results. Now YOU need to describe which was greater and which was smaller, and by how much. You can also reject the null hypothesis (very important), and claim P<0.05. But I’m running out of space for explaining this. Why not take a course in introductory statistics to make sure you can use these methods correctly?

How do I make it clear to my rather conservative Asian parents that working at a startup doesn't mean I'll be living in a cardboard box by next month?

Jae Won Joh does a great job covering this above.

I'd only add one point, which is that I might challenge the entire premise around their concern.

Perhaps there was a time when a stable, big company job was "safer" than a startup job, but I would actually argue that, when looked at over an entire career, the opposite may be true.  I cover the "career security vs. job security" tradeoff in this post:

Is it dangerous to consider joining Novell at this moment?

How does one become a ninja?

It's no more possible to be a ninja today than it is to be a samurai. They were both roles of their society at that time.

The modern-day equivalent of the roles the ninja played would be the military special ops today which wage unconventional warfare.

And in reference to the Bujinkan answer, this answer is coming from a 10-year 2nd degree black belt Bujinkan ex-practitioner.

How can I see what my Facebook profile looks like to other people?

You can see how your profile looks to most people on Facebook by going to Account (it's in the top left corner of any page) -> Privacy Settings -> Customize Settings -> Preview my Profile. You can also type in any of your friends' names to see your profile as them.

Go here for additional information:…

Alternatively, if you know their user ID number (which is probably unlikely…) you can add ?viewas=[Their Number here] to your profile URL. If you enter an invalid ID, it will just bring you back to your stream.

How should I go about finding a designer for a small web application?

I have a great working relationship with Custom Software by Preston, and would highly recommend them.  They're local to Chicago, but also have an office in North Carolina.  They handle all types of mobile and web development projects… plus they’re able to meet time frames and budgets.  How can you beat that?

Here is their website:

How can I anonymously add content on Quora?

Anonymity on Quora can only be used to anonymously add questions or answers. To learn how to anonymously ask a question or write an answer on Quora, see the answers to these questions:

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