What are some simple weight-lifting workouts?

I recommend you stick to the basic result proven weight training exercises with proper form and train them in superset style with opposing muscles so the workouts are focused, efficient, and also maximize results in minimal time.

For a simple but effective chest and back workout you can use this one where it targets all of your pecs and also all of your back (upper, lower, and middle):

For a simple yet complete arm workout you can use this superset bicep and tricep superset workout below:

The key is to focus on basic but proven working dumbbell and barbell exercises and train with with circuit superset style for maximal time under tension. For shoulders and leg workouts I recommend you focus on barbell squat, deadlifts, lunges, calf raises, shoulder press, lateral raise, and delt flies.

Dumbbell & Barbell Workouts & Tutorials

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What are some of the ways of modeling the volatility of volatility (volvol)?

GARCH models:
Local volatility:
Stochastic volatility:
In particular, SABR is widely used for options volatility:
Other ideas include modelling trade intensities as a variable-rate point process.

What are some pitfalls to avoid when submitting an iPhone app to Apple?

Some things to consider from an excerpt of this post: How to Prepare Your App for Launch

1) Determine Deadline and Minimum Feature Set in Advance

Step zero for iOS development is to decide when your app is going to be released. For instance, as with our experience on Luvocracy, the commerce category is oftentimes more defined due to shopping seasons. A general rule of thumb is to plan on submitting your app two weeks before your “ship date.” The same goes for updates. If your app needs to be on the store by November 15, submit on November 1. It’s a good buffer, as the average submit-to-approval time is seven days, but fluctuates.  Shiny Development is a great source for staying up to date on the current approval wait time for the App Store.

2) Track Your Data

Next – track your data. It’s crucial to making informed decisions for future releases. Data can give you information about user actions and what screens or features are the most popular. Leverage this data to make sure future version updates are addressing the most important points in the app.

3) Follow Apple’s Lead

Be sure to follow Apple’s lead when making decisions for the App Store. It’s key to making yourself eligible for potential promotion. No matter how good your app, Apple won’t promote something that looks like a past version.
Unlike Android, the decision to emphasize the latest OS isn’t a hard one – the current adoption rate for iOS 7 is 87%. Not only does it cater to a large majority of the platform’s customers, but also allows you to focus on new tech, like the new layer of physics-based UI Kit dynamics in iOS 7.

4) Know When to Support Older Versions

Your decision on when to support older versions should be based on your market. For instance, it might be beneficial to allow a game to run on older devices to hit the old-iPhone-given-to-the-kids segment. Yet with the adoption rate so high, developers of most apps can save time by not supporting the small percentage that hasn’t yet updated to the latest OS. It really comes down to a personal strategic decision based on the context of your app and end users.

What are some easy and legitimate ways to get more traffic to my e-commerce site?

If you buy into the FACT that Local Search is a key component to your online marketing strategy and if you agree that VIDEO content is the #1 preferred content for conveying value to an active buyer — then you will probably find this  Blueprint in line with your objective. Try this:

  1. Optimize your Google Places Listing :: To Get Ranked in the 7-Pack
  2. Get an Animoto (Premium) account :: Create 5x KW Rich Videos
  3. Sync your optimized WordPress website to your GP Listing
  4. Get the 411 on VideoRanker
  5. Get the 411 on World Class WordPress Websites
  6. Create a G+ Business Page ASAP

Good luck!

What are some of the most usable websites? Why?

I'm pretty surprised nobody has mentioned WorkFlowy.  You can dump your whole brain into it and organize those thoughts very well with a bare minimum of learning.

All you can do is add, move, and remove bullets, but that is all you need. You can easily put a point wherever you want it by dragging and dropping or tabbing.  That takes care of the vast majority of the work you'll do in the app.

Anything else is available in a little popup menu that appears when you hover over a bullet point with exactly what you need: Add note, Complete, Share, Export.

In my many hours on Workflowy, I have never found something that doesn't make sense.