In football, what is a slot back?

A slot back is basically a slot receiver who lines up in the backfield.

This page is pretty instructional.…

It says:
"The flanker can also become a slot receiver or slot back. If heโ€™s positioned between the split end and a tackle, his name changes. The coach can take out a tight end, making a slot back the third receiver, attempting to create mismatches with the defense. But even in a standard set that includes a tight end, the receiver can line up between the split end and the tackle and be called a slot back. This gives him a few steps running start before the defender can smack him one."

Wikipedia says a slot back is:
"A receiver lining up in the offensive back field. Canadian and Arena football allow them to take a running start at the line. They are usually larger players as they need to make catches over the middle. In American football slot backs are typically used in flexbone or other triple option offenses while Canadian football uses them in almost all formations."…

What is the best money line bet this week in the NFL?

Nothing seems like a sure bet to me this week but if I had to pick:

Carolina at Arizona (-10).

Carolina just seems like they are imploding and Arizona will be at home.  Also, the Cardinals really dominated the Panthers the last time they played.

Update: This turned out to be about the worst possible answer.

How can Peyton Manning call Brandon Stokely the "best slot back ever"? 

The best wide receivers don't play in the slot, they play outside where the bigger plays are made.  Playing in the slot requires a somewhat different skill set.  For a slot receiver, size isn't as important, and speed can be less valuable than quickness because a slot receiver only has a second or two to get open.  Finally, good hands are absolutely critical for a slot receiver, whereas some successful outside receivers can get by with mediocre hands (for example, Terrell Owens and Braylon Edwards).

That being said, Wes Welker is probably a better slot receiver now than Brandon Stokely.

2009 NFL Season : When will the Denver Broncos next win a game?

From looking at the schedule and thinking about how teams have been playing recently, my guess would be the Broncos next win will come on December 6, 2009 when they play at the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City is one of the worst teams in the league this year (currently 2-7,) and Denver coach Josh McDaniel was the offensive coordinator recently in New England when Matt Cassell was a backup, so that may help the Broncos get a strategic advantage.  (On the other hand, Cassell may be able to help KC's defensive coaches come up with schemes that work well against the kind of offense McDaniel likes to run.)

One factor that could change things a lot is that Kyle Orton, Denver's quarterback injured his ankle in yesterday's game.  His backup, Chris Simms, played very poorly (3-13 IIRC.)  Without a healthy Orton, it may be some time before the Broncos win again.

There is some possibility that the Broncos could beat the Giants next week in Denver–the Broncos will have an advantage playing at high altitude and in front of their home crowd and the Giants are reeling–but I think the Giants are the better team and will break out of their slump.

If the Broncos fail to win at Kansas City, they've got a really good chance at beating Oakland in Denver on December 20th.  The Raiders are even worse than the Chiefs (they just lost to the Chiefs yesterday and appear to be completely in turmoil as an organization without strong leadership at quarterback or head coach.)

Is Drew Brees the best QB ever?

Even though he's a great quarterback, I think it's hard to argue that he is the best ever.

The main reason I think you could argue that he is the best of all time is because he has the completion percentage record for a single season.  One thing that makes me think this argument isn't that strong is that no one would really talk about Ken Anderson, the guy whose record Brees broke, as being the best ever.

Peyton Manning has had more consistently great seasons and won more MVP awards and is probably even more important to the Colts than Brees is to the Saints (Manning seems to be responsible for almost coaching, and calling most of the plays.)  Tom Brady and Joe Montana and others have had more Super Bowl success.  Brees' first three seasons in the league weren't that great, and he hasn't had much playoff success until recently.

See Who are the best quarterbacks of all time?

Why does Peyton Manning furiously shuffle his feet when he drops back in the pocket?

Some of it is style, but Manning's shuffle is integral to the timing of his release. Most plays are designed for a receiver to be open at certain point in the QB's dropback. For example, a quick hitch route is usually in sync with a QB's 3 step drop, a crossing route a 5 steps and longer pattern at 7 steps. By the rhythm of his footwork, Manning is basically syncing his ability to release the ball at the moment his receivers make their breaks to get open.

Think of his characteristic shuffle as the equivalent of a passing metronome. ๐Ÿ™‚

You'll notice that exceptional QBs have consistent and active footwork that dictates their ability to perfectly time passes. Poor QBs generally suffer from footwork that does not match the timing demands of their plays. Coincidentally, this is why many successful college QBs who come from offences that used a shotgun dropback are not considered NFL caliber. They are considered to not have enough grounding in the dropback footwork needed to complete a pass in the millisecond window of opportunity afforded an NFL QB.

Is there any chance that the Broncos will return to using orange as their main color?

Yes. The Broncos have submitted the request to the NFL for 2012 to flip-flop uniforms, making the orange tops their main home uniform and making the navy jerseys their alternates.…

How is the NFL overtime rule fair?

It's unbiased or fair in the sense that both teams have an equal chance to win the coin toss.  However, to the extent the winner of the coin toss has a meaningfully greater chance to win the game, it's not totally satisfying as a fan as it's annoying to feel the game is decided by a coin toss, even if that toss is fair.

Although, as tonight's Cardinals v Packers game demonstrated, teams that play great defense can use that defense to win, even when you lose the toss!