Where can you get food near Palo Alto after midnight?

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Jack in the Box on El Camino is open 24 hours.

If you have a car, you can also go to In N Out in Mountain View which is open until 1am (1:30am on Friday and Saturday nights) or McDonald's (open 24 hours.)

As an alternative, the Safeway supermarket in Menlo Park (off El Camino) isn't far from Palo Alto and has sandwiches and other deli stuff sometimes in addition to groceries.

What kind of government does Palo Alto have?

Palo Alto is a city and has a mayor and a city council.
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Also, from Wikipedia:
"Palo Alto was incorporated in 1894, and in 1909 created, by municipal charter, a local government consisting of a fifteen-member City Council, with responsibilities for various governmental functions delegated to appointed committees. In 1950, the City adopted a Council-manager government. Several appointed committees continue to advise the City Council on specialized issues, such as land use planning, utilities, and libraries, but these committees no longer have direct authority over City staff. Today, the City Council has only nine members."

Where can I rent a bike in Palo Alto?

Per the Bike Share website, Bike Connection offers some rentals, too.

For $200, you could also get a pretty decent used bike, use it for 3 months, and at the end give it away, donate, or sell it. Try Good Karma Bikes or San Jose Bike Clinic in San Jose, or see if Bicycle Exchange in Mountain View has bikes for sale. All should be accessible by transit from Palo Alto.

Either way, don’t forget lights, lock, and helmet.

What are some reasonably affordable places to live in around Silicon Valley for a 1-2 months period?

Hotel President in Palo Alto will let you rent a small kitchenless studio for about $1200/month on what is effectively a month-by-month lease, about 6 blocks away from the Caltrain.

As general advice, Craigslist has a large userbase in the San Francisco Bay Area, and sublets are available if you have time to go through the posts.

Where can you get the best value massage in the Palo Alto / Mountain View area?

Don't be cheap about massage. It's too important, and it's an affordable luxury that's of high value because it's worth the money.

Best place I've found in the Palo Alto area is Baysix Massage in at 2920 Broadway in Redwood City: http://www.baysixhealthcenter.co…

New clients get 20% off massages for the first 30 days, and members get 15% off massages, so purchase that if you try it and like it.

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