How difficult is it to travel around Moscow, knowing only English?

Not very difficult.
It is easy to get from the airport to a hotel and to major tourist sites. Some taxi drivers speak English and if they don't, they will at least know those popular locations.
Taking the metro around is also a good option, but not as easy. There are very few maps of the metro system in the stations and all station names and announcements are in Russian. But if you have a metro map, check the color/number of the lines and count the number of stations you should be able to get around pretty well.
In hotels and cafes or restaurants you should also be able to find people who speak English and the popular restaurants have English menus, so overall I don't see any issues if you stay in central Moscow.

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  1. I found it useful to learn the Cyrillic alphabet — that made it easy to see if the street I was on was the same one I was looking for on my English-only tourist map, and I was able to read the metro maps. You don't have to learn to actually speak any Russian to read the signs; just the alphabet (which is pretty easy to learn; much of it is the same as the English alphabet) and a very rough idea of pronunciation is enough for reasonable navigation as a tourist.

  2. Don't be afraid, it's pretty easy! Just grab some good map and that's it. You can travel all over the centre of the city by walk. Public transportation is ugly but cheap and easy to use. You can get to the centre from airport by train and then by metro. It'll take about 40 mins. A lot of young people speak English so you won't be in a language vacuum:) Good luck!

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