Is the PROcede for the BMW 335/135 worth getting?

As Bojan Kahvedzic mentioned above, you're probably going to shorten the life of your engine and related drivetrain components with any hardcore tune. The N54 engine already runs hot and is prone to go into limp mode if driven hard on a track stock, so adding a chip will only exacerbate this issue.

Dinan offers a more sophisticated, expensive tune, but they don't make as much power as a Procede or JB3 chip. On the plus side, the more conservative tune preserves engine life…a little.

Nevertheless, it's up to you if you want to go the chip route. It's a ton of fun, but keep in mind the risks you're running. Looking back, I definitely would have tried the JB3, but I certainly would not have kept the car beyond the factory warranty.

Here's the best source I've come across for comparing different tunes.…

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  1. I can't speak for the specific product, but have generally found chips going into turbocharged cars (my experience being with turbocharged VW/Audi cars) to yield a lot of horsepower (and torque!) bang for the buck. I would say, yes, get the car chipped if increased power is what you're after, but do some research on the specific product via some enthusiast forums. would be a good start, and there are also a lot of results for queries like

  2. Vishnu has extensive experience in ECU tuning, having started with the Subaru Impreza WRX and Mitsubishi Evolution.  Shiv Pathak, the owner, used to be an editor at Sport Compact Car and knows his stuff.  As with any performance mod, maintenance and responsible driving are key.  Just as you can exceed the intended duty cycle of a stock engine by driving aggressively, treating every stop light like a drag race will reduce engine life.  As long as you give your engine an opportunity to cool down properly when driven hard and you change oil on a regular basis commensurate with your usage, you should be fine. 

  3. I've used the PROcede on my 08 335i.  It worked well, but is sort of a pain to install, since you have to get under the hood. 

    I think that for similar money, the Cobb Accessport is the way to go.  It plugs into the OBD-2 connector inside the car, and allows you to upload and download maps at will.  It seemed smoother and more natural feeling than the piggybacks as well.  

    The other advantage is that you don't have to rip open the car to visit the dealership… (not that I'd advise trying to get warranty work done where your modifications have caused an issue, but I do think that it is worth taking off easily removed modifications when going in for unrelated work.)

    I was a very happy Cobb Tuning user.

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