Is it worth it to support the vertical layout of Chinese on the web?

Definitely yes. Here's how.

1. VerTwitGo, Twitter client for Mac that enables you to tweet vertical text.…

2. Verticalis, general text verticaliser for Mac.…

3. Neo Retro, a web-based text verticaliser.

4. VerTick, a WordPress theme that generate vertical text. (Based on Nehan.)

Do you agree with this blog article about "equity businesses" vs "cash businesses"? Why?

It's a great post that clearly distinguishes the two main types of startup mentalities prevalent in Silicon Valley. I find that very often people outside of the bay area tech scene don't understand why successful and growing companies don't take obvious shortcuts to revenue, precisely for the sake of long term growth and value.

I would also add that the potential scope or size of the market is an important distinguishing factor between the equity and revenue-driven outlooks. If you cannot imagine your venture becoming a strong standalone and profitable business within the foreseeable future without relying on crucial external partners, platforms, or large clients then you are likely creating a revenue-driven startup or in the best case setting yourself up for a technology/talent acquisition.

Revenue driven business models also seem less risky especially if you do proper in depth market research and gather clients/customers before starting the venture, but they typically don't end up becoming household names.

It also seems that although some companies clearly set out to become revenue (consulting companies, tech licensing companies, …) or equity (Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, …) driven companies, often this distinction is hard to plan or predict and becomes blurred throughout the early transformational stages of a startup.

Personally, I much prefer the equity driven startup value proposition, build something of great value that can stand up on its own feet and last decades.