What is a cheap, but good, alternative to Polycom conference phones?

Have you tried out Sqwiggle? It uses the hardware built into your computer to provide really great presence with your team throughout the day. You can also start a video discussion with a single click. I'd recommend taking a look!

Sqwiggle – Remote Working, Collaboration and Communication

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Who is the best provider if I want a dedicated conference call line I can use?

There is some nuance to your question that deserves attention.  You said dedicated conference call line. To me this implies one thing — a phone number that is just yours.  That is in contrast to a "shared" conference line, where many companies use the same number and are differentiated by PIN numbers.  There are many companies that claim dedicated lines, but they really mean you get a dedicated pin number. 

Branded Bridge Line  (full disclosure, I'm a co-founder) is quite different, in that you have a totally dedicated line that is yours and only yours.  Branded Bridge Line also gives you a free professional voiceover,  from a studio voice talent.   That's even on the free trial. 

Another unique feature offered is that you can tie lines together from different countries.   So, you can have a dedicated number in Australia, a dedicated number in San Francisco, and a dedicated New York number (actually 212 even…) These all tie together so it's a local, branded conferencing experience for everyone.

Give it a try– Conference Call Services | Branded Bridge Line

What is the best telephone headset?

For office use, I would recommend the Logitech line of headsets. Both the wired and wireless version are quite lightweight and offer decent sound quality. They're usually stereo so you can listen to music as well.

I personally use the wireless version, which has a good range of about 5-10m even through a wall or window. If you like to move around in your office, this should work better than the bluetooth options.

What are some good free conference calling solutions other than Google Voice?

So although I work for Branded Bridge Line,  we keep our eye on this site to keep an eye on our competiton: http://bestconferencecallservice…  Comparison table of Conference Call Providers.   This is what appears to be an unbiased comparison of top players in the cozy teleconferencing space. 25 audio providers are evaluated, across 20 different characteristics  (features, qualities, strong points, weak points, pricing)

I believe it is maintained, as the pricing data seemed to match what I spot checked myself.

Happy Conference Hunting!

Is there a free International Conference Line?

Making international conference call is a necessity for an organization who has branches or partners located outside their home country. To conduct such a long distance call, you require a few essential call details in order to conduct a successful conference call session.

Remember, such calling is taking place between higher echelons of the company, be it a designing team or product development or the talk between the Board of Directors, the call quality must be absolutely tangible as if the person were standing right next to them.

Besides that, if the call is connecting participants from various time zones, there is no way one calling plan will suit all the needs since each organization is unique. This is why the MindBridge by Reliance Global Communications provides the ‘Pay As You Go’ plan which is quite economical and neat for a firm’s smooth functioning, and protects from free scamming services.