What are the best flooring materials for a house? Budget is not a problem

If budget isn't a problem, then I'd hire an architect by the hour to advise you. They can also keep you from paying too much — EVERY contractor will mark up the materials he uses in your house. This is just standard practice, but many people don't know it. An architect will advise you on what kind of hardwood, marble or whatever, will best fit the design of your rooms and your house overall, and they'll keep you from overpaying your contractor because they know the true cost of materials.

I wouldn't recommend wall-to-wall carpet in any room, not even a bedroom. If money is no object, you can place a really gorgeous custom-carpet cut to the dimensions of the room and leave just a border of wood around it. Carpet is far too inflexible, in my view, to have as permanent flooring.

Marble is nice, but there are many different kinds of marble including cheap-looking marble. You need to make sure your tiles are well-matched, at a minimum. If money is no object for the material, hopefully money is also no object for the upkeep. I love white marble for countertops and floors — but it's relatively difficult to maintain and keep in pristine condition. Marble is also only appropriate for certain houses. There are certainly grand homes that can work marble for a living room, but that's obviously not the case for say, a ranch house in the suburbs.

I'd focus less on the material and more on the overall design of the house and let that dictate the flooring.

What is the expected completion date for the new subway on Second Avenue in NYC?

The Second Avenue Subway line (the "T" train) has been under construction since 2007. The line has had many setbacks since it was first planned in the 1920's.

Its first phase, the 2-mile 96th to 63rd stretch of track has funding secured and is expected to be completed by 2016. There are three more phases that have not received funding commitments yet; I'd put a rough estimate of 2022 for its total completion.

The Second Avenue Sagas transit blog has a comprehensive timeline: http://secondavenuesagas.com/sec…

For more info, check out the Wikipedia page:

What is a good place to find searchable/well documented ADA and construction building standards, particularly by region?

International Building Code which is the standard template for most of the USA at this point can be found at the link below.

It is important to note that most counties and municipalites have local admendments to this code and generaly links to those amendments can be found by visiting the site of most "Building Plans Review" departments. I sincerely wish there was a centralized searchable source that complied local amendments for these codes but I am not aware of one.

The standard ADA codes can be found here

Download a PDF version with illustrations here

What building materials are widely available in Haiti?

Sisal fiber grown in Haiti is an underutilized building material. Rotary is currently developing Sisal Houses made from natural fiber composite panels. The panels are extremely strong and have properties similar to fiberglass. More information is available at: SisalHouse.com

Sisal can also be used to reinforce low density concrete. This material can easily be formed into lightweight interlocking blocks.

What is the best strategy for adding Wi-Fi to a full home?

For our new house we're going to use the MOCA protocol systems, MultiMedia Over Coax. You can see all the devices here: http://www.mocalliance.org/indus…

I plan on getting the Actiontec MI424WR's, which is what Verizon uses for FIOS installs. You can find them for cheap on EBay. DLink and Netgear also offer devices. The plan for me is to put the main bridge in a wiring closet, and in each room have a device that provides wired or wireless on the same SSID.