How does topic following on Quora work?

When you follow a topic on Quora, your Feed will start to include its activity — new questions and answers. (Note that you aren't guaranteed to see all of their activity in your feed — this depends on the amount of activity from other topics and people you're following. )

You can follow any topic on Quora through a few different ways:

On a computer:

  • Anywhere you see a topic name, for example as you're reading feed or are looking at the topics that a question is tagged with, you can hover over it and see an option to follow it
  • From any topic page, you can click on the green “Follow Topic” button, located just below the topic name and description

On mobile:

  • You can click on topic names, which will take you to a topic page
  • From any topic page, you can tap on the green “Follow Topic” button

Should Facebook introduce a "follow" type of connection, in addition to its "friend" type of connection?

They have, with 'fan', so the open question is whether the fan link should be limited to non-human pages, as they are today,  or whether they should be able to have fan-links for people.

My assumption is that the current culture of Facebook is so set by the two-way friends link, that even if they would add follow links, it would not shift the culture that much, and in particular it would not suddenly give Facebook the advantages that twitter has.

How do I import my email contacts into Quora?

How do I import my email contacts into Quora?

This is an old discontinued feature as far as I can tell.

If you want to distribute to your friends I recommend using Facebook, Google+ or sharing the link to the answer that you think you want to share.

Getting Started on Quora: How do I follow people on Quora?

To follow a person on Quora: Go to their profile page and click the blue Follow button underneath their name. If you are already following the person, you will see a gray Unfollow button instead.

On a computer, you can also follow someone in most places where you see their name on the website (e.g. the name of an answer author): hover over the name and click the blue Follow button.

When you follow a person on Quora, your Feed will start to include their activity — answers they've written or upvoted, and questions they've asked or followed. (Note that you aren't guaranteed to see all of their activity in your feed — this depends on the amount of activity from other topics and people you're following. )

On Quora, would it be possible to see other anonymous answers from the individual behind a specific anonymous answer?

As much as I sympathize with the direction of this question, I feel strongly that the prime directive for Quora around issues of Anonymity is to absolutely ensure the anonymity of the Anonymous contributor. Any change that makes Anonymous contributors even slightly nervous or uncertain as to whether their identity will be discovered would be a big mistake.

Which Quora user should I follow on Quora? Why?

This list is maintained and updated by me in consultation with some of the people who are on it. Feel free to Suggest Edits. Please keep groups alphabetized by last name.

  • Academia: Marcia J. Bates, Thomas Cormen, David Joyce, David Karger, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Norm Matloff, Igor Markov,Matthew Might Seb Paquet, Jay Wacker, Ben Y. Zhao
  • Accounting: Wray Rives, Peter Baskerville, Garrick Saito
  • Advertising: Tom Goodwin, Peter Corbett
  • Animals: Quora User
  • Air Travel: Rakesh Agrawal, Mike Holovacs, Michael McGraw-Herdeg, Raj Misra, Michael Molesky, Alex Stoll, Dan Zeehandelaar
  • Angel Investing: Sae Min Ahn, Tim Berry, Antone Johnson, David S. Rose, Gil Silberman, Scott Edward Walker, Michael Wolfe, Terrence Yang,
  • Animals and Pets: Quora User, John Duncan, Shannon Larson, M. T. Owens, Marc Srour, Samantha Wolov, Scott Danzig
  • Animation: Craig Good, Quora User, Quora User
  • Astrobiology: Bulat Bochkariov
  • Astronomy: Quora User, Leo C. Stein, Robert Frost
  • Atheism: Barry Hampe, Quora User, Ariel Williams, Noam Kaiser
  • Australia: Quora User, Thomas Foster, David Stewart, Tracey Bryan, Travis Croft
  • Badminton: Dipanshu Rawal
  • Biology: Julie Desjardins, Quora User, Quora User, Jae Won Joh, M. T. Owens, Quora User, Alex Siegel, Marc Srour, Ian York
  • Bioengineering: Blake Byers, User,Kush Tripathi
  • Blindness: Janice Strange
  • Books: Marc Bodnick, Mark Evans, Quora User, Steven Levy, Danielle Maurer, David S. Rose, Graeme Shimmin, Cristina Hartmann, Katie Hoban, Quora User
  • Botany: Quora User
  • Brands and Branding: Quora User, Quora User, Quora User,Tom Goodwin
  • Career Advice: Seema Shah
  • China and Internet in China: Quora User, Quora User, Quora User, Shannon Larson, Ashton Lee, Jon Russell, Quora User, Feifei Wang
  • Civil Engineering: Mark Weaver, Quora User
  • Crafts (art), Gifts, Jewelry: Quora User, Quora User, Quora User
  • Cricket: Thomas Foster, Dipanshu Rawal,
  • Coffee: Peter Baskerville, Quora User
  • Cooking: Quora User, Jim Gordon, Mikka Luster, Marco North
  • The College and University Experience: Tracy Chou, Andy Huston
  • Comics (narrative art form): Mark Hughes, Elliot S Maggin, Ariel Williams, Quora User
  • Community Management: Richard Barley, Seamus Condron,Erica Friedman Katie Gray, Evan Hamilton, Greg Meyer, David S. Rose, Quora User
  • Computer Programming, Programming Languages, Software Engineering: Keith Adams, Kartik Ayyar, Bulat Bochkariov, Charlie Cheever, Tracy Chou, Adam D'Angelo, Brendan Eich, Michal Forišek, Quora User, Todd Lipcon, Cosmin Negruseri, Leo Polovets, Bob Ippolito, Dan Robinson, Eric Sammer, Mark Slee, Jack Lion Heart, Yishan Wong, Robert Love, Amir Khan, Amy Bowersox, Scott Danzig, Brian Bi
  • Construction and Engineering: Quora User, Quora User, Michael Hass, Aaron Mark, David S. Rose, Jacob VanWagoner, Quora User
  • Dating and Relationships: Xu Beixi, Kai Peter Chang, Quora User, Laurie Davis, Marcus Geduld, Leonard Kim, Quora User, Quora User, Yishan Wong, Claire J. Vannette, Ellen Vrana, Quora User, Quora User
  • Design, Product Design of Physical Goods, Web Design: David Cole, Quora User, Quora User, Kevin Fox, Anne K. Halsall, Quora User, Laura Keller, Joel Lewenstein, Jason Putorti, Quora User, Dan Saffer, Colm Tuite, Xianhang Zhang
  • Dogs (pets): John Duncan, Tod Knudsen, Shannon Larson, Diane Meriwether
  • Economic Development: Ariana Hajmiragha, David S. Rose
  • Economics: Jeremy Bulow, Erik Fair, Ben Golub, John-Charles Hewitt, Jeremy Karmel, Jon Levin, Yair Livne, Jeffrey Miron, Krijn Poppe, David S. Rose, Larry Summers, Alex Tabarrok, Jinghao Yan. See also: economics professors and graduate student on Quora.
  • Education: Richard Katzman, Quora User, Michelle Rhee
  • Entomology: Matan Shelomi, Marc Srour
  • Environment and Nature Conservation: Quora User, Justine Kimball
  • Etsy (product): Chris Maguire
  • Europe: Jens Wuerfel, Quora User, Quora User
  • Facebook (product): Andrew 'Boz' Bosworth, Ezra Callahan, Adam D'Angelo, Chris Putnam, Dustin Moskovitz, Quora User, Yishan Wong
  • Fantasy Books and Specific Creative Franchises: Angel Beroin, Marc Bodnick, Neville Fogarty, Steve Jones, Danielle Maurer, Jennifer Pritchett, Ariel Williams, Sandhya Ramesh, Quora User
  • Fashion and Style: Matthew Carroll, Quora User, Quora User, Kathleen Fasanella, Julie Fredrickson, Quora User, Serene Lee, Namrata Patel, Ani Ravi, Heidi Strom Moon, Samantha Wolov.  See also: Quora users interested in fashion.
  • Finance: Gus Fuldner, John-Charles Hewitt, Andy Rachleff, Alex Song, Quora User, Brian Roemmele, David S. Rose, Burton Malkiel
  • Fine Art: Quora User, Quora User, Quora User, Samantha Wolov
  • Fitness: Quora User, Darren Beattie, Jae Won Joh, Nate Miyaki
  • Flying and Aircraft: Mark Conway, James K. Durden, John Fiscus, Raj Misra
  • Food and Restaurants: Alyssa Christianson, Joshua Engel, Quora User, Quora User, Andy Katzman, Quora User, Quora User, Jeffrey Summers, Quora User, Yishan Wong, Garrick Saito, Quora User, Andrew Roberts
  • Foursquare: Dennis Crowley, Harry Heymann, Quora User, Akshay Patil, Naveen Selvadurai, Tristan Walker
  • Friendship: Josh Jacobson, Quora User, Quora User,
  • Future: Rose Washington
  • Golf: Richard Fellner
  • Google (company): Quora User, Brian Bi, Adam D'Angelo, Dan Fingal-Surma, Kevin Lacker, Edmond Lau, Piaw Na, Yishan Wong, Robert Love
  • Google+: Dan Leveille
  • Graduate School Education: Melinda W Hohler, Jay Wacker
  • Grammar and Words: John Bagnall, Quora User , Mohan S Nayaka, Marc Ettlinger
  • Guns and Firearms: Ryan Lackey, Jon Davis, Daniel Kearns, Jon Mixon, Quora User
  • Hardware and Semis: Jonathan Kang
  • History: Balaji Viswanathan, Marc Bodnick, Andy Lee Chaisiri, Quora User, Jon Mixon, Craig Montuori, Quora User, Javed Qadrud-Din, Quora User, Quora User, Tim O'Neill, Andrew Warinner, Yishan Wong, Katie Hoban
  • Homes and Houses and Home Repair: James Mcfeley
  • Hotels: Miles Dolphin, Michael Hraba, Mike Holovacs, Steve Hurst, Michael Forrest Jones, Quora User
  • Hypothetical Battles: Jon Davis, Quora User
  • Ideas: Rose Washington
  • Interior Design/Home Decor: Quora User
  • Immunology: Ian York
  • India: Andy Lee Chaisiri, Quora User, Aditya Sengupta, Joydeep Sen Sarma,Ningsang Jamir, Balaji Viswanathan, Amar Prabhu, Navin Kabra, Carl Logan, User, Thomas Wier , Quora User, Vinati Singh, Mohan S Nayaka, Jai Parimi, Priyanka Peeramsetty, Akand Sitra, Harshit Ladva,Quora User, Roman Saini, User, Saiprasad Bejgam, Dipanshu Rawal.
  • The Republic of Ireland: Domhnall O'Huigin
  • Japan: Quora User, Quora User
  • JavaScript (programming language): Bulat Bochkariov, Allen Cheung, Rick Waldron
  • Law and Attorneys: Lisa Borodkin, Cliff Gilley, Antone Johnson, Kevin Moore, Keith Rabois, Ani Ravi, Vanessa Schoenthaler, Ari Shahdadi, Gil Silberman, Quora User, Stephen Venuto, Quora User. See also: Quora's list of attorneys and law school students on Quora.
  • Police and Law Enforcement and Crime: Tim Dees, Justin Freeman, Antone Johnson, Quora User
  • LEGO: David Eaton, Larry Pieniazek
  • LGBTQI: Erica Friedman, Quora User, Arkadia Getheren Moon, Tamara Wiens, Ariel Williams
  • Life Advice: Quora User,Kelly La Rue, Julie Prentice, Quora User, Seema Shah, Bhuvi Jain
  • Linguistics and Specific Languages: John Bagnall, Antariksh Bothale, Joshua Engel, Marc Ettlinger, Jesse Farmer, Orin Hargraves, Quora User, Orion Montoya, Kim Raymoure,,
  • Literature: Renee Porter, Quora User, Ellen Vrana,Katie Hoban
  • Management Consulting: Quora User, Ellen Vrana
  • Mathematics: Quora User, Tracy Chou, Steve Denton, Alon Amit, Ben Golub, Quora User, Anders Kaseorg, Daniel McLaury, Sridhar Ramesh, Brandon Smietana, Leo Stein. See also: list of Quora users with expertise in mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering: Betsy Megas, Gurvinder Arora, Quora User, Ryan Carlyle
  • Medicine and Healthcare: Linda Bahnson Avey, David Chan, Jae Won Joh, Michelle Sandberg, Liang-Hai Sie, Quora User, Ian York, Prarthana Bhat, Xu Beixi. See also: list of doctors and medical school students on Quora.
  • Military: Jon Davis, Quora User, Phoebe Gavin, Jon Mixon, Quora User, Tracey Bryan
  • Military History: Andrew Warinner, Quora User, Jon Davis, Gary Stein, Jon Mixon, Bevan Audstone
  • Military Life: Phoebe Gavin, Jon Davis, Quora User
  • Military Strategy and Battle Tactics:Andy Lee Chaisiri, Jon Davis, Jon Mixon, Gary Stein, Quora User, User
  • Mobile Applications: Rakesh Agrawal, Colin Barrett, Ish Harshawat, Quora User
  • Movies and Movie Production/Screenwriting: Kartik Ayyar, Marc Bodnick, Andreea Diana, Karen Eaton, Craig Good, Dan Goodswen, James Hilton, Sean Hood, Mark Hughes, George Hupka, Audrey Kelly, James H. Kelly, Ashton Kutcher, Christopher Lin, Danielle Maurer, Jon Mixon, Ken Miyamoto, Jennifer Pritchett, Javed Qadrud-Din, Nick Rheinwald-Jones, Danny Rubin, Quora User, Quora User, Jens Wuerfel, Julie Prentice, Scott Danzig, Robert Frost
  • Music: Marc Bodnick, Yvonne Caruthers, Quora User, Billy Chasen, Daniel Ek, Erik Frey, Cortney Harding, Ethan Hein, Quora User, Hongwan Liu, Andrew McCluskey, Mitch Rotter, Mark Slee, Jeanie Straub, Tim Westergren, Julie Prentice, Quora User, Quora User, Chrys Jordan, Amy Bowersox, Aaron Ellis
  • Neuroscience: Julie Desjardins, Colin Gerber, Paul King, Dan Lurie, M. T. Owens, Quora User, Bradley Voytek
  • New York City and NYC Startups: Quora User, John-Charles Hewitt, Kate Huyett, Jon Mixon, Ani Ravi, David S. Rose, Jonathan Weinberg, Quora User, Andy Cheung. See also: list of notable startups in New York.
  • Nightlife: Andrew Brin, Kai Peter Chang, Quora User, Quora User
  • Nutrition: Darren Beattie, Ming Law, Jessica Moy, Gary Wu
  • Online Marketing: Alex Grechanowski
  • Parenting: Jane Chin (陳盈錦), Marc Bodnick, Sandra Liu Huang, Mike Leary, David S. Rose, Quora User, Alecia Li Morgan
  • Philosophy: Quora User, Marcus Geduld, Joshua Engel, Kelly La Rue, Sotonye Anga, Achintya Paradkar
  • Physics: Jesse Berezovsky, Brian Bi, Steve Denton, Paul Eccles, Joshua Engel, Frank Heile, Hongwan Liu, Quora User, Leo Stein, Matyas Tamas, John Terning, Jay Wacker, Anthony Yeh, Robert Frost, Achintya Paradkar
  • Politics and Politics of the United States of America: Jamie Beckland, Marc Bodnick, Phil DiNuzzo, Erik Fair, Quora User, Ezra Klein, Tony Fratto, Michael Lee, Craig Montuori, Quora User, Patrick Ruffini, John Sheridan, Gary Teal, Jimmy Wales, Kris Rosvold. See also: Quora users that are involved and/or interested in politics.
  • Product Management and Product Development: Quora User, Christopher Lin, Quora User, Ian McAllister, Michael Wolfe.
  • Product Marketing: Andrew Chen,  Ilana Grossman, Quora User
  • Programming Languages: Xuan Luo
  • Psychology: Emily Breder, Quora User
  • Public Policy: Michael Lee
  • Public Relations (PR): Brian Cohen, Trace Cohen, Ian Edwards
  • Public Speaking: Dipanshu Rawal, Edmond Lau, Bill McGowan, David S. Rose
  • Quora: Marc Bodnick, Quora User
  • Quora Admins (discontinued Quora program): Quora admins and Quora reviewers
  • Reddit (product): Alexis Ohanian, Yishan Wong
  • Religion: Colin Jensen, Marcus Geduld, Eric Stoltz, Gil Yehuda
  • San Francisco Bay Area: Sarah K. Cowan, Phil DiNuzzo, Justine Kimball, Shannon Larson
  • Scientific Research: Jay Wacker, Ian York
  • Search Engine Optimization: Rand Fishkin, Boaz Sasson
  • Skype (product): Phil Wolff
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Leila Janah, David S. Rose
  • Social Network Games and Game Design: Kartik Ayyar, Tom Cadwell, Siqi Chen, Jon-Paul Dumont, Leon Kitain, Seth Sivak, Sizhao Zao Yang. See also: Quora users knowledgeable about Social Games
  • Social Media and Technology Trends: Marc Andreessen, James Hritz, Mona Nomura, David S. Rose, Robert Scoble, Semil Shah, Michael Wolfe
  • Space Exploration: Robert Frost, Lawrence D. Roberts, Marco Witzmann
  • Sports (National Football League, National Basketball Association, Premier League): Jonathan Brill, John DeMarchi, Pat Gallagher, Quora User, Quora User, Quora User, Shreyes Seshasai, Quora User. See also: sports business people on Quora.
  • Startups and Startup Advice: Brendan Baker, Steve Case, Leonard Kim, Jason M. Lemkin, Jason Putorti, Keith Rabois, Adam Rifkin, David S. Rose, David O Sacks, Semil Shah, Tristan Walker, Michael Wolfe, Yishan Wong, Jimmy Wales. See also: founders and entrepreneurs who have written answers on Quora.
  • Startups and Sales: Sean Black, Jonathan Brill, Jason M. Lemkin, David Skok, Steve Smith.
  • Statistics: Jeremy Miles, Michael Hochster, Stormy Shippy
  • StumbleUpon: Katie Gray. See also: Who are the StumbleUpon employees on Quora?
  • Square: Tristan O'Tierney, Keith Rabois, Brian Roemmele
  • Tasmania: Thomas Foster
  • Television: Rob Long, Jon Mixon
  • Theatre: Joshua Engel, Marcus Geduld, Lauren Gunderson, Howard Sherman, Zach Davidson
  • Visiting and Travel: Steven Grimm, Kate Huyett, Steven Soneff, Quora User, Andy Cheung, Quora User, Quora User, Mahesh Murthy
  • Twitter (product): Ben Cherry, Evan Henshaw-Plath, Quora User, Adam Rifkin, Aditya Sengupta, Semil Shah, Albert Sheu. See also: notable Twitter employees that are on Quora.
  • Venture Capital and Angel Investing: Marc Andreessen, Fred Destin, Roger Ehrenberg, Seth Goldstein, Dave McClure, Keith Rabois, David S. Rose, Semil Shah, Mark Suster, Harjeet Taggar, Michael Wolfe, Terrence Yang
  • Video Games: Kartik Ayyar, Charlie Cheever, David Cole, John-Charles Hewitt, Andy Lee Chaisiri, Feifei Wang, Glyn Williams
  • Web Search: Quora User
  • Weight Loss: Quora User (see also Nutrition)
  • Wildlife: Quora User
  • Wine: Andy Anderson, Chris Knox, Lucas J Meeker, Quora User
  • Writing: Carolyn Abram, Candace Dempsey, Aman Anand, Cristina Hartmann, Graeme Shimmin, Marcus Geduld, Gayle Laakmann McDowell, Ellen Vrana

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