How can you un-stick a piano key?

Since a piano key may be stuck for one of several reasons, I would recommend calling a piano technician.  You can find a local piano technician from the Piano Technicians Guild website:…

How can I add a topic bio for myself on Quora?

(This answer is about a deprecated Quora feature, topic bios, which have been replaced with Credentials. For more info, read the Credentials FAQ.)

There are several ways to add Topic Biographies on Quora.

While answering a question, there is an "Edit Biography" beneath your name that will let you create or edit Topic Biographies for each of the topics on the question. After you have submitted answer, in the "…" menu, there is an "Edit Biography" option.

You can also go to your profile page and select "Following". This will has three tabs: People, Topics, and Blogs. After selectiong "Topics", it will show all the topics that you follow, along with your biography for each topic. If a topic that you follow doesn't have a biography, it will say "Describe your experience" and you will be able to add a biography.

Also on your profile page, you can select "Edit" on your "Knows About" topics. This will give a list of topics that you have answered questions on or are endorsed on. Beneath each topic there is a biography which you can edit or if no biography exists, it will say "Describe your experience."

How do I calculate which investments could potentially provide a greater rate of return than the interest rate on my student loans?

This depends on your beliefs about the market.

If you think the market is efficient, than all investments will provide the same risk-adjusted returns. Assuming you don't plan on defaulting on your student loans, you can just find the interest rate on a 25 year CD and see if it's greater than 5%. Even though you can deduct the interest you pay on the loan, your gains from the investment will be taxed, so taxes don't really play a role here.

If you are willing to shoulder some risk, then you can invest in stocks instead. The advantage there is that long term capital gains are taxed at a lower rate than income, so while you would be deducting your interest payments from income, the stock appreciation (and dividends) would be subjected to a lower tax rate. However, this is obviously riskier since it's possible to have a net loss, or periods of time where you need an alternative source of income to continue making payments.

If you don't believe the market is efficient, you should put your money into investments you believe have the highest risk-adjusted reward.

How do I get a baby to eat meat?

I Usually have parents add in baby food meats around nine months of age.  Sometimes babies around 15 months without molars can eat finely sliced deli meats as they are very thin.  She should be getting her first set of molars soon, when she does she will better be able to grind meats like ground turkey or beef.  Don't worry too much if she doesn't want to eat meats right now, it will take lots of repetition in her diet potentially before she accepts them.  Remember cheerios for extra iron!

How do you ensure project success?

Project completion and campaign success are 2 very different things.

One of the most common pitfalls is focusing more on the project rather than the outcome. The use of “project” as a term contributes to this.

Let’s use weight loss as an example. The person got so obsessed with practicing a certain diet. He followed it diligently, but it didn’t change his waistline.

The same goes for business. You can obsess with your logo all you want. You can obsess with building partnerships all you want.

At the end of the day, completing that project doesn’t mean you won the campaign to convince customers.

How do you pronounce "Eyjafjallajokull" (Icelandic volcano)?

Eyjafjallajokull of course means island mountain glacier and is actually the name of the glacier that is on the volcano. Most if not all volcanoes in Iceland are named for the glacier that sits on top of the volcano.

The eyja part is easy and the fjalla isn’t tough either. The jokull is the part that gets most outsiders. The double ll at the end is frequently just pronounced as a T sound but the double ll properly done has kind of a soft t with a ch that is kind of hissed. Yeah, kind of hard to get from reading a description. Many non natives that think they are pronouncing it correctly usually are slightly missing it. One of the sounds that makes Icelandic so wonderful.