What are some of the best Chopin recordings?

The best Chopin Nocturnes recordings are generally believed to be the 1960s stereo recordings by Artur Rubinstein (he recorded these pieces several times, so make sure to get this version) and the 1966 recordings by Ivan Moravec.

Amazon links:
Moravec: http://www.amazon.com/Chopin-Noc…
Rubinstein: http://www.amazon.com/Arthur-Rub…

What are some ways to find an expert on a given topic?

There is a computational way of doing this, which is to define the topic area and to crawl the web indexing documents and looking for citations (mentions or links) between the entities cited.  The result gives you a way of ranking people by topic-specific authority.  It can be done in any language, as long as there are enough documents to index.  We offer a product based on this methodology, called Market Influence.  http://www.marketsentinel.com/se…

What are some traveling tips for visitors of Baja California?

My 2 biggest tips:
1. Get a 4×4 vehicle. You'll feel much safer – especially when it's raining and you've got winding roads

2. Get the Baja road log from http://www.ontheroadin.com/the-app-store/(scroll almost all the way down till you see "Mexico Road Logs – Baja California). It'll be the best $12.99 you'll spend.

This a detailed guide of the entire Baja Highway that will make your travel much much easier and safer.
If you've interested, I wrote a review of this guide: Why OnTheRoadIn.Com's Hyper-Detailed Road Log Is An Indispensable Resource For Mapping a Road Trip Through Baja California

What are some fun bars for twenty-somethings to go to in Washington DC?

Churchkey has one of the best (rotating) beer selections in the City (located at 14th and Rhode Island, if memory serves correct). They're also awesome because they have a Twitter feed, and regularly put notices there about what new brews they've gotten ahold of.


Brickskellers has gone faaar downhill, I'd recommend steering clear of them these days. Quarry House isn't technically in DC (it's right across the border in Silver Spring), but they used to have a legendary selection that was worth traveling for. As of late I've found it to be lackluster, but friends state that it's just certain nights, so your mileage may vary.

Velvet Lounge on U St is a fun club/dive bar, and they've got live music quite often. The Mighty Pint allegedly has a good offering, though I've yet to make it there myself – it's also owned by a Redditor, if you're into that sort of online connection.

What are some places near Lake Tahoe where one can pay to shower?

First, you can certainly rent a hotel or motel room and use showers.

Kings Beach on the North shore used to have a public hot tub. The tub has been removed, but the showers at the beach may still be there.

About 20 miles away at Donner Pass is the Sierra Club Clair Tappan Lodge. You can like "rent" a shower there.

N. of Truckee is a Deerwater/Sierraville hot springs resort. They will have showers before getting into the hot springs.

Truck stops in Sparks, NV will have trucker's showers. You don't have to be a trucker to use one. Truck stops in Sacramento will also have showers.

A shower is at Grover Hot Springs near Markleville, CA.

Now I get a discount card and soak at Carson Hot Springs (closer and cheaper than Grover; I also have a former co-worker who grew up in Carson City). There are quite a few other hot springs in the area.

What are some examples of movies many people regret watching?

I have seen a lot of movies in my life. I watch around 200 movies a year, and have for the past 15 years. Of course, a large chunk of those were bad movies and a large chunk of them were disappointing movies. But there's only one movie I truly regret watching.

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

I saw The Phantom Menace in theaters opening weekend, and I was deeply disappointed. I thought it was an obnoxiously bad movie. By the time Attack of the Clones came out, I assumed that George Lucas would have learned from the mistakes of Phantom Menace. He did not, and again I was disappointed.

When Revenge of the Sith came out, I refused to see it. The aphorism "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" was ringing in my ears, and I felt like I was already living  the shame of being fooled twice. But then a bunch of my friends started telling me that Revenge of the Sith was actually a good movie and didn't have the same problems as Phantom and Clones. I still resisted. However, I saw an amazing 15 minute reel of visual-effects scenes from Revenge of the Sith at SIGGRAPH and decided that if my friends like the film and if there are least 15 minutes of amazing footage then maybe I should give it a try.

I sat through the first 40 minutes of Revenge of the Sith and hated it. I not only hated the film, I hated myself for seeing it. I knew I wouldn't like it. I knew I shouldn't see it. And yet I still paid money to see the movie. Congratulations George Lucas, you fooled me three times. I felt like an idiot.

That's the only movie I ever regret watching. I walked out after 40 minutes and had some delicious Mexican food. There's nothing you can do to convince me to watch the rest of the film.*

* – One of my friends actually gave me the DVD of the film because he assured me the rest of the film is much better. I gave it back unwatched.

What are some good bars in Pittsburgh?

  • South Side: My favorite is probably Hofbrauhaus. You can get liters here for pretty cheap, and its a great atmosphere (do the shotski with some friends). Lots of smaller places around as well, and good barhopping opportunities if you want.
  • Oakland: Mad Mex (restaurant) for good cheap Margaritas—$7 for the 22oz big-ass margarita from 9-12. Hemingways has good drinks and is quite cheap. Any time after about 7 Thursday-Saturday will be packed with Pitt students, easily to the level of being against fire code. You literally cannot walk around. PHI bar is the main CMU dive bar. Cheap, with good specials (i.e., $7 pitches of Blue Moon, $5 of Yuengling sometimes) but uses below bottom-shelf liquor. Has a decent pizza place in the back. Very dirty.
  • Shadyside: Docs (now Mario's East) and William Penn are the main bars, quite popular with college crowd and young professionals. My personal favorite is Harris Grill on Ellsworth, which gives you free bacon at the bar (and $1 at tables) on Tuesdays, although its a little pricier.
  • Others: Church Brew Works in Bloomfield is pretty nice. Sharp Edge in East Liberty is great for the Belgian beer enthusiast. Union Grill on Craig is IMO notable solely for their late happy hour (6–8), so you can roll right in from say, Mad Mex.