What are the best "value for your money" restaurants in Philadelphia?

My wife and I, as well as our friends, love to eat at the Sang Kee Noodle House Asian Restaurant.  There are several locations in Philly but we most often visit the one in Wynnewood on the Main Line.

The Asian food is consistently delicious, reasonably priced, and served with quickly, efficiently, and pleasantly by an excellent staff.  You will be treated with kindness when you enter, fed well while you're there, and leave completely satisfied … eager to return next time.

BTW, try to avoid times when it will be very busy like Friday and Saturday evenings.

Why is the Marvel Comics 50-State Initiative Pennsylvania team based in Philadelphia?

1) No one cares about Harrisburg. The only thing its known for is being the capital of this state's political corruption.

2) Philadelphia is one of the most crime-ridden hellholes in the United States. (That's not even counting Camden, NJ.) Though personally, it's too much of a negative dystopia to deserve any superheroes. Kind of like how you'd consider a Detroit superhero to be too surreal to make any sense. Places like New York or LA can get away with it, but Philadelphia is way too real and violent for any fantasy or fictional elements to make sense. It's too gritty and real to imagine superheroes in it.

3) Pennsylvania is a state, much like New York, that is really two states in one. There's southeastern Pennsylvania. Then, there's everywhere else. Pittsburgh is really closer to being Ohio than it is Pennsylvania. The state truly should be divided up into Pennsylvania and West Pennsylvania, starting at Harrisburg and everything west of it. The same way California should be broken up into North and South parts, starting at Oakland. Sadly, it isn't.

4) In the DC universe, Gotham City is the major city of New Jersey and is located where real life Atlantic City is. And Metropolis is located in central east Delaware, over looking the Delaware bay. If we were talking DC, there wouldn't need to be any for that town. But since its Marvel, they just sort of shrug their shoulders at the insignificant parts of the country, like Philadelphia, Ohio, Alaska, Nebraska, and North Carolina. (Fifty State Initiative) Basically, it's New York City and then, "everything else."

5) Pennsylvania's group, the Liberty Legion, are basically the shittiest group of superheroes in the country. They're not even D-List heroes, but rather Z-list heroes, so it doesn't really matter, anyway. Only Ohio has a worse group. Though Boston and New Orleans are said to be pretty bad too, if anyone knew who represented them.

What are the cheapest hotels in Philadelphia?

In the heart of Seattle, Loews Hotel 1000 is the perfect home base for adventuring around the Emerald City. Near Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square, guests can walk from one prime destination to the next and discover all the local spots in between. If there is one thing that will help you have the best time in Seattle, being well located is definitely it.

Loews Hotel 1000 was recently purchased by Loews Hotels and the 120-room hotel is currently undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation, set to be finished this fall. The luxury rooms, famous BOKA Restaurant & Bar, and The Spaahh are all being upgraded to provide guests with the most elevated experience. Upon arriving at the hotel, the reception floor provided a peak into the modern and refined decor. Bright colors, tones of emerald and dusted rose, brought the hotel to life.

What is a good yoga studio in Philadelphia?

Philly Power Yoga at 20th and Walnut is a good workout, but feels very "American" compared to other places I have been that hold poses a bit longer and vary routines more. I typically go to Kula in Tribeca, NYC, and personally am looking for someplace in Center City with the quality and style of instructors I have learned from at Kula.

I'm a young single man traveling to the Philadelphia / Baltimore / DC area. What should I do for fun?

I'll stick with Baltimore for the most part.

-Both the BMA and Waters museum are excellent. The BMA is right by the Hopkins Homewood campus, and the Waters is in Mount Vernon/Downtown. Both have very good collections.
-For drinking, Mount Vernon has Midtown Yacht Club, which I like, but that's best savored with friends. (Has great mussels too, believe it or not.) Federal Hill is known for its pub crawling and the like, which can be fun… but also full of the usual suspects of college party animals. Same for Fell's Point, but I definitely prefer Fell's. One-Eyed Mike's a particular favorite bar of mine in Fell's.
-Walking around on the waterfront and Mount Vernon can be really nice. As can walking around Hampden, if you're into hipsters by the truckload. But that means there's a lot of (ironicaly/pretentiously) neat stuff to see.
-Dangerously Delicious pies in Federal Hill is AMAZING. Truly fantastic pie.
-There's a lot of great restaurants in the city, too. I have many favorites, but Corks (in Federal Hill) is up there, though it is pretty pricey. If you want crab, then Obrycki's is probably the place to hit (they have their own beer just for crab), though it's in a sketchy area.
-Have a Natty Boh!

-Independence Park. The Liberty Bell, etc. Nice area to walk around, too.
-Lots of bars.
-Philadelphia Museum of Art. The collection is quite good.

Washington DC:
-The Smithsonian and such. Obvious, but good.
-Georgetown can be a nice place to walk around, though it's super precious and self-concious about its wealth and history.