What, in your opinion, is the most irritating thing about Twitter and/or Twitter users?

I'll be generous and let myself have a couple, but not 140:

  • That too many tweets follow a predictable pattern, such as:

OMG lol JB is hawt xoxoxo #followback

hi i love u niall rt plz? #1d

  • That 20% of the people following me are porn star spam accounts. Or is it?
  • Follow limits. I have about 3000 people I want to follow, but I am limited to 2003. It's stupid.
  • Tweets are still just a bit of text. I wouldn't mind rich tweets, like, I dunno, an expansion of Twitter Cards coupled with Open Graph.
  • The lack of Instagram.
  • Lists are clunky.
  • Apps are clunky.
  • The feed is a pain.

Why haven't third-party web-based clients for Facebook and Twitter become more popular?

After 2009's API updates, third party web clients for Twitter began appearing in earnest last year, Seesmic and CoTweet being good examples.

Facebook is already a web client and because their system is closed, access to the API is regulated so it would not be possible for someone to operate fully with FB's data, although plenty of interoperability is present in the API for other sites to integrate certain aspects of your Facebook data into their sites like logging in with your facebook OpenID and accessing your friends list after you have authorized them to.

What's the best way to run and monitor contests and promotions on Twitter?

The best way to run and monitor promotions and contests on Twitter is by using a social marketing service that gives you a variety of options when it comes to the type of campaign you want to run, that also provides analytics so it's easy to track the virality of your contest, and also collect valuable info about your entrants.

Wishpond offers easy social media marketing campaigns that you can run on Twitter. There are many different options for what type of contest or promotion, and an array of features you can customize to your liking, such as CSS, auto-tweeting by participants, and more.

Wishpond's Twitter Contests & Promotions Apps are built within all requirements of the Twitter platform.

Let me know what you think!

What are some creative features that are useful to implement for a custom web Twitter client?

I wish I could organize my Tweets like email messages. Delete a lot, sure, but save some and put them in folders (or tag them). And have a copy of my follower/following lists organized in an address book format.

It bothers me that I have written all of these Tweets (and received as many) and they aren't archived and accessible to me. This is just a very low priority for Twitter. And since people are sometimes unfollowed (unbeknownst to you) it would nice to have a master list of sorts to check your following list against. There are services to review your follower/ing list but it would be nice if it was integrated with actually using Twitter.

Maybe I'm too influenced by Twitter's early days of unreliability but all of this data (updates, DMs, lists, etc.) can easily disappear because of operational difficulties and is unavailable after ~6 days in Search. Since I am the content creator, I'd like to have access to messages I've written and, ideally, ones I've received as well. That's my primary desire.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media.

Consider every twitter user as a tv channel, radio or newspaper that broadcasts information. This information is a 140 characters text (that may include a link to a picture, a video, a blogpost…).
Just as you choose to watch a tv channel, listen to a radio channel or read a newspaper, you _follow_ a twitter account.

The social side is obtained by placing the emitter of the tweet and its receiver at the same level since they both can tweet and answer, comment and react.

increase rate limit of twitter

I haven't personally experienced Rate Limiting, yet ! But I am researching this for my tutorial at OSCON2012.

There are at least two ways of handling the situation:

  • Contact Twitter Support (api@twitter.com) & see if they can help. I have sent them e-mails & they have promptly contacted me back
  • Re-architect the app. Use Streaming API, cache & so forth. There are lots of tips & tricks Some helpful links:
  1. https://support.twitter.com/arti…
  2. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/rat…
  3. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/faq…
  4. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/faq…


Why is Yfrog the default photo application for Twitter (on iPhone) as opposed to TwitPic or TweetPhoto?

It is my understanding that YFrog paid the Tweetie developer Loren in order to take the default place in Tweetie for iPhone. Twitter then hired Loren and took the Tweetie app as their own product, but in doing so, had to continue to honor the agreement between YFrog and Tweetie.  TwitPic is currently the default for Twitter for Android and Blackberry, but we have not paid any developers for default preference over others.

I may be wrong, so don't quote me on this. If anyone else knows the true reason, feel free to correct me.