What do I need to use North American electronics in Europe?

When I moved here, I actually made a list of the voltages and currents of my consumer electronics.

Turns out most of my appliances just needed a plug adapter (bought mine for 99 cents on ebay with free shipping)….camera charger, Vonage router, cordless land line phone, laptop, cell phone charger, etc.

Some appliances were not compatible (120 Volts only) included: alarm clock, hair dryer, hair straightener, and my cheapo computer speakers. For some of these that draw very small amounts of current, such as the computer speakers or alarm clock, I used a 10 dollar voltage converter (you can get these at Target or Best Buy)and they worked perfectly. For the high current devices, you just want to avoid using these in Europe. You'll blow up the voltage adapter fuse or blow up your room's fuse.

What are the must see sites and must do activities when spending a week in Naples, Italy?

In Naples itself, you should visit the National Museum of Archaeology which houses many of the artifacts taken from Pompeii and other Roman cities. Needless to stay, you must visit Pompeii and take the ferry to Capri (try to stay in Capri at least 1 night to experience the island without the massive number of day visitors). Food is a major reason to spend time in Naples. I posted my own pizza guide to Naples: http://www.mapplr.com/2010/08/18…, and a separate restaurant guide: http://www.mapplr.com/2010/08/19….

What's the best weekender bag?

For me I need a bag that:

  1. Has space + organization
  2. Is extremely durable
  3. Looks great

Given my criteria, I generaly look for quality gear that will serve its purpose for years to come, not some cheap $10 bag from Walmart.

Currently in love with my recent purchase The LUXX by LW360

It's this baby here:

Got mine last year after a friend recommended it. It has lots of pockets for organization, lots of space in the main compartment, laptop pocket for my MacBook Pro, shoe compartment for shoes/dirty clothes (I hate when my dirty clothes mix with the clean!)

Not only does it look great, but it feels amazing. You can tell it's made of durable/quality fabric just by feeling it. I do wish it came in more colors…

What does "Card Bin Stop Listed" mean? I got this message when trying to pay for a plane ticket on Kingfisher Airlines.

See this TripAdvisor post:

Card bin stop listed means that the BIN number (a part of your card number) is among a list of black-listed on account of fraud threat. There have been a series of card related frauds in international cards, as a result of which certain bins have been marked as suspect. BIN — short for Bank Identification Number — is the first six digits of the card, signifying which network and bank the card comes from.

Source: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowT…

Is it possible for an airliner to fly from JFK to SYD (Sydney) nonstop?

To add to David Hammer's answer to Is it possible for an airliner to fly from JFK to SYD (Sydney) nonstop?, yes, there are aircraft capable of flying the route. But because of the economics of doing so, airlines don't do it.

The reason these routes are expensive to fly is because the airplane must take off with all the fuel required to complete the trip, and this is very heavy. And since it costs fuel to lift fuel, a sizable portion of the total fuel load is spent on simply lifting the fuel that sits around waiting to be burned for most of the trip.

It's much more efficient to stop in the middle (say at LAX). This will end up using quite a bit less fuel overall because it doesn't all have to be carried the whole time, at the cost of a bit of time on the ground.

Where should I stay in Hong Kong?

For value options consider the Kowloon side of the harbor. The Kowloon Hotel, owned and managed by the Peninsula, is a good example — for as low as USD 90-ish range, you'll get clean & tiny (but with full-size beds) rooms in an impossibly-well situated hotel that's a block or two away from the subway station and the harbor. Central is 2-stops away on the subway, and you'd also be on the correct side of the harbor for exploring night markets and more local shopping options. Nearby YMCA also reviews well; avoid dirt-cheap places in Chungking mansion as they sound really dicey. Farther you go up Nathan Rd, the rates come down even more for the same amenities, but even up in Mong Kok you're still a 15-min ride away from Central. I would optimize for walking distance to Nathan Rd, to minimize schlepping.

Where is the best beach to visit in Asia? Why? Consider availability of high quality lodging, accessibility, cost, crowds, food, post-card beauty, sand quality, activities, safety, etc.

I heard about beautiful beaches in Komodo Island, Belitung, Papua, Sulawesi, Maluku (Indonesia), and some beaches in Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.., but i will only tell you based on the beaches i've visited.

I've visited some beaches in Java, Bali, and Lombok, and here are my favorites.
1. Pangumbahan Beach, West Java
high quality lodging:medium
accessibility: high
cost: low
crowds: medium-low
sand quality: soft brown sand
activities: surfing
safety: high
To release a new born turtle while the sun going down is indeed very memorable.
>>Pangumbahan beach>> detikTravel :  Serunya Bertemu Penyu di Pantai Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi
>>Pangumbahan beach #2>>Sand between My Toes
>>Pangumbahan beach #3>> http://astacala.org/wp/2009/09/p…

2. Three Gilis (islands), Lombok
high quality lodging:medium
accessibility: high
cost: low
crowds: medium-low
sand quality: soft white sand
activities: scuba diving, snorkeling
safety: no police in these Gilis, they said it's because no thieves, no crime,so no need police.
no motorized vehicle in these Gilis, you can go around the island by bicycle. Gili Trawangan has many cafes that serve well seafood dining. Gili Meno & Gili Air are less crowded.
>>Gili Meno>> http://kukun.tumblr.com/post/882…
>>Gili Trawangan>> Jalan-jalan ke Gili Trawangan, LOMBOK

3. Beaches in Lombok
high quality lodging:medium
accessibility: medium. There's an international airport. the public transports are very limited, but you can call taxi or rent motorcycle/car. +-$5/motorcycle/day
cost: low
crowds: low
sand quality: pepper sized sand, soft sand, white sand, pink sand, black sand
activities: surfing
safety: don't go from north to south of Lombok in the night
food: you must try Ayam Taliwang, Plecing Kangkung, and Sate Bulayak

Lombok has more beautiful beaches than Bali, but less popular. Relatively easy to access, less crowd, it's perfect. When i visited there were almost no other visitor, it's like i have my own private beach.
Lombok has different culture from Bali. Most of the population are moslems. We should respect their culture, we can't just wear bikini outside beach area, we shouldn't drink alcohol openly.
My favorite beaches: Mawun beach, Tanjung Aan, Kute beach (Kute beach is different from Kuta Bali)
>>Mawun Beach>> White Sands at Mawun Beach in the South of Lombok, a Tropical Paradise, Indonesia
>>Tanjung Aan>> tanjung aan | Tumblr

4. Balangan Beach, Dreamland Beach -Bali
high quality lodging:high
accessibility: high
cost: low
crowds: medium
activities: surfing, water sports
If you're bored of Kuta and Sanur beach and looking for less crowded place, try Balangan beach. Dreamland beach also relatively new, but it's very popular now.
>>Balangan>> Tujuh Pantai Terindah di Dewata
>>Dreamland beach>> Dreamland Beach is One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali

What companies in New Delhi give the best Golden Triangle tours?


Hidden Treasures of India Provides Golden Triangle Tour, a Journey through Mughal realms and ‘Pink City’ .


Golden Triangle Tour is the most popular tour of India. It comprises Delhi – the national capital of India, Mughal Capital Agra and Pink City of Jaipur.

Delhi is not only the national capital of India but has got larger than life monuments built by Mughals and other rulers of India. It is very famous for its street food and huge mosques and temples. It is a shopper's paradise too. Agra is a city of Taj Mahal – the most beautiful monument in the world. Since it has got monument of love thus it is known as city of love also. Jaipur is the capital city of the colorful state of Rajasthan. Here life is a celebration. You can witness traditional dances and music everywhere. The city is always full of festivities. In Jaipur, one can see many medieval forts, palaces, temples and step wells.

You can find the Itinerary Details of Golden Triangle Tour Here.

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