What are the best "value for your money" restaurants in Philadelphia?

My wife and I, as well as our friends, love to eat at the Sang Kee Noodle House Asian Restaurant.  There are several locations in Philly but we most often visit the one in Wynnewood on the Main Line.

The Asian food is consistently delicious, reasonably priced, and served with quickly, efficiently, and pleasantly by an excellent staff.  You will be treated with kindness when you enter, fed well while you're there, and leave completely satisfied … eager to return next time.

BTW, try to avoid times when it will be very busy like Friday and Saturday evenings.

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  1. Federal Doughnuts   (Doughnuts and fried chicken) Federal Donuts

    Prohibition Taproom (exalted bar food) The Prohibition Taproom

    Pagoda Noodle Cafe (Chinese homemade noodles and other delights) Online Food Delivery Catering in Philadelphia

    Las Bugambilias (Traditional Mexican)  Page on Lasbugambiliasphilly

  2. West Philly:

    – Manakeesh – awesome lebanaese food, crepes and baklavas. Don't miss the Moroccan tea or Turkish coffee there either
    – Desi Chaat House for Indian food, but beware there is little space to sit
    – Honest Toms for Burritos

    Green Eggs used to be good before the Rat problem!

  3. There is an ethiopian cafe called Kaffa Crossing at 4423 ,Chestnut.Really good coffee and very good Ethiopian food.Nice ambience and cost effective too.This my favorite hangout place as well as best place to get food to go.Worth a try if you like Ethiopian cuisine and good coffee .

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